Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to file a complaint against a doctor, midwife or hospital in the Corpus Christi area:

If you feel that you received birth care or treatment that did not meet standards or was unacceptable in any way, you have access to a complaint process. Remember that taking action when you have been treated in an inappropriate manner can help to prevent others from being harmed in the future.


Please visit the website for more detailed information.

Complain Hotline: 1-800-201-9353

Mail complaints to the following address. You must call the Complaint Hotline to request the appropriate form.

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners
Investigations Department, MC-263
P.O. Box 2018
Austin, TX 78768-2018


Please visit the website for more detailed information.

Mail or Fax Complaints to the following address:

Health Facility Licensing and Compliance Division
Texas Department of Health
1100 West 49th St.
Austin, TX 78756

FAX (512) 834-6653
COMPLAINT HOTLINE (888) 973-0022


The following information is taken from

"An individual who wishes to file a complaint against a licensed midwife, or a person who is practicing midwifery in Texas without a license, may write to:

Complaints Management and Investigative Section
P.O. Box 141369
Austin, Texas 78714-1369

or call 1-800-942-5540 to request the appropriate form or obtain more information. This number is for complaints only. Please direct routine calls and correspondence to the phone number and address on the "Contact Us" page."

You can also find more information at the North American Registry of Midwives:

For help in writing a formal complaint letter, please visit:

For more support or help in dealing with this process, please feel free to contact