Wednesday, July 22, 2009

" give birth, it is both very powerful and amazing! It is the biggest high you can achieve, those endorphins really do some magic!"

After reading these words from the following post, I knew what Jennie has to say was intriguing. Can yoga really help a natural birth (yes, that means no meds!) actually seem magical? Read and find out.

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting-
by Jennie Woelpern, RYT

Our beautiful Abigail Rose arrived September 5th, 6:44am 6lbs. 11oz, 19" long and most important in perfect health. She gave her mom a quick labor & delivery. Though it was quick I certainly can't say it was easy. I did an all natural birth/physiological birth at the hospital without drugs or intervention. Those were my wishes and my birth plan. I feel it is the number one accomplishment in my life compared to all the things I have ever done!! It is hard to describe in words how it feels to give birth, it is both very powerful and amazing! It is the biggest high you can achieve, those endorphins really do some magic! I still can't believe I did it!! I feel that yoga, the support of my husband, and my sweet friend and doula Stacy was what helped me. My total labor was less then 8 hours. I was home for 6 of those hours. During that time I finished packing my bags for the hospital , organized a little, and did some deep breathing while doing cat/cow pose and puppy pose (featured in the picture above) to help relieve the discomfort I was feeling. This was all while trying to be patient waiting for my husband to arrive from work. If I did not do yoga I don’t know how I would have made it through the labor pains, it was very beneficial. During my entire pregnancy I did yoga everyday in addition to walking a few miles every day. Preparing for labor is like preparing for a marathon you really need to have the mind set and hold your self to it. These are some wonderful books I recommend to help you prepare: Guide to Childbirth by Ina Mae and Natural Healing for the Pregnant Women by Elizabeth Burns, ND

My pregnancy wasn’t all that easy and testing at times. I dealt with a lot of nausea and waves of emotions. However instead of allowing myself to sit around and be inactive, I got up, moved, breathed, and focused on making myself feel as best I could. A couple years before my pregnancy I took an 8 month yoga teacher training program and also a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training program. What I learned in those programs not only helped me cope during my pregnancy, but it also helps me in my every day life and situations. It helps me to be a better person, more patient, and to be able to deal with challenges more easily. I do a daily yoga practice every morning to help me start my day centered and to release tension. In addition, I also feel because I did yoga everyday during my pregnancy that it helped my daughter develop to be a calm baby. I feel it is important to do something that will help you be a better person mentally and physically, and that is what yoga does for me. If you haven’t tried yoga yet get yourself some DVDs, books or better yet go to a class where you have the support and the help of a teacher. I would recommend: Preparing for Birth With Yoga by Janet Balaskas and Prenatal Yoga DVD by Shiva Rea.

Abigail and I have taught Mommy & Baby yoga classes together, which is a great way to connect with your baby and other mommy’s. In these classes you are able to build up strength, reduce tension, and learn more about yourself and your baby. I encourage you to go to a class or get some DVDs/books to do at home together. Some great resources: Baby Om (, , and Postnatal Yoga DVD by Shive Rea,

We have recently moved to the surrounding Houston area, so I am no longer teaching in Corpus Christi. However if you are interested in yoga and classes, there are several locations in Corpus Christi. There are yoga classes at the local gyms, Spohn Clinic on the Island, Corpus Christi Yoga Studio and Crossroads Yoga Studio . For more information on yoga you may check out my web ( ) or feel free to contact me at I am always more then happy to answer any questions.

If your interested in my birth story check out my story at my blog:

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  1. Jen is a comitted young lady and her father in law and I are very proud of her and her accomplishments. Yoga has been a huge benefit in Jen's life and especially, as she so well states, during the delivery of our grand daughter Abigail.